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Retraining Toes

If you are fortunate enough to find a shoe that has enough room in the toebox for you to spread your toes, you should assist in retraining your toes to have a natural space between each of them by wearing a digital splint, which is a flexible pad made of soft accommodative material placed between each of the toes.  They are available for sale by clicking here. If these splints are worn regularly enough in a properly wide round toebox, the toes have been shown in active patients to assume the correct natural space between them, even after removing the splints. This has been an extremely gratifying experience in our practice, especially when a patient was able to avoid surgery due to retraining their toes to be spread and straight.

Our efforts to help our clients achieve strength within their toes and feet has been augmented with the use of active foot massage and manipulation performed by a licensed massage therapist with experience in foot and ankle rehabilitation.

An exercise to increase the agility of your toes: Place your corresponding fingers in between each of the toes. Hold this until the toes relax and allow greater space between the toes.


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