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Dr. Rossi's Articles

Dr. William Rossi was a podiatrist who, in his lifetime, extensively studied natural foot function and the disadvantageous effects of fashion footwear. In spite of being researched, logical, and thought-provoking, his writings were, and continue to be, largely ignored by mainstream healthcare providers. But not us! Dr. Rossi's work continues to inspire our unique treatment approach. Below are some of our favorite articles by Dr. Rossi.


Why Shoes Make "Normal" Gait Impossible

"Natural gait and shoes are biomechanically incompatible because all shoes automatically convert the normal to the abnormal, the natural to the unnatural...." Read More


Footwear: The Primary Cause of Foot Disorders

"The practitioner commonly speaks of “sensible” heels. Such a heel does not exist. Any elevated heel under a shoe automatically initiates an altered series of foot and body biomechanics...." Read More


Children’s Footwear: Launching Site for Adult Foot Ills

" the time the average shoe-wearing child has reached the tender age of seven or eight, his or her feet clearly reveal a visible loss of anatomical and functional normality...." Read More


Fashion and Foot Deformation

"It is time for these ingenuous concepts of “fashion” and particularly fashion footwear to be exposed to the light of reality...." Read More


In his 18 years as a podiatrist, Dr. Ray McClanahan has learned that most foot problems can be corr...