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Just to let you know, I have been battling with a broken toe and sore metatarsals for a while and the Correct Toes works wonderful. I ran my best 10k recently! 

-- Zola Pieterse, Former Cross Crountry World Champion


This letter is to thank you for sharing such wonderful educational information regarding foot care.  In September of 2014 I injured by inner right knee by jumping.  I’d read somewhere that jumping in place a few time per week should help to build bone in those with osteoporosis.  My age is 68.  From that time in September 2014, I was barely able to walk due to the pain, swelling, and stiffness of the knee.  I began using a four prong cane.  My Podiatrist suggested by April 2015 that I see a knee surgeon as my walking had become ever more difficult.  The knee continued to be painful and swollen in spite of cold compress applications, knee wraps, and elevation of the leg.  For about seven years prior to the injury, I’d worn very hard custom made orthotics that never stayed in place in my shoes.  In addition to those orthotics, in the latter years (about four years ago), I wore New Balance hiking shoes for their firmness and stability.  I’d been told years ago that I am flat footed and an over pronator.  Additionally, I have bunions, most prominent on the right foot.

Instead of seeing a knee surgeon, I went on the Internet and aimlessly did some research.  The research was aimless because I wasn’t sure of what I was looking for.  I chose to research foot problem sites rather than knee sites because the knee problem happened when my inner right foot struck the hard orthotics as I came down from the jump.  I happened on various Youtube videos during my research.  Your videos and website were intriguing.  Your information proved to be an absolute blessing for me.  It may sound like an exaggeration but as soon as I ceased wearing the hiking shoe and motion shoe and began wearing the Lems Primal 2 in latter May 2015, the pain went away and I am able to walk without knee pain.  I’m no longer using the cane.  A few weeks ago I began wearing the Correct Toes.  Though my knee has some residual stiffness, it has just about healed.  Your program seems miraculous.  My knee and feet are in much better condition now.  There is no knee surgery in my future.

Thank you so much again for sharing this on your website and youtube.


It has only been three weeks wearing the Correct Toes with Vivobarefoot shoes, and I am already feeling the difference. I have had cheilectomies on both feet for hallux limitus, and osteotomies of second and third mets, as well as neuroma removal, trying to fix foot pain. I switched to wearing jogging shoes every day, even in business attire, because of pain. I now wear Correct Toes every day with very minimal pain, and I am under the asumption that eventually the pain will subside completly as my foot goes back to its natural position and gait. For the first time in three years, I walk comfortably and do not get discouraged when I crawl out of bed in the morning. Thank you, Dr. Ray, for this remarkable product. Can't wait to see how I feel in six months.
-- J.N.

Before trying Correct Toes, I had a problem with blisters forming under a callous on the side of my big right toe. I always thought it was due to the running shoe rubbing against the side of my toe. Needless to say, I tried a gazillion different types of running shoes, store-bought orthotics and very expensive custom-made orthotics. I tried wrapping my toe in various ways hoping to avoid getting blisters. After I saw your YouTube video of the woman who could not over pronate when her big toe was splayed, I reexamined my "shoe rub" hypothesis. When I closely examined the "toe-off" of my right foot, I noticed that my big toe was angled inwards and simultaneously was slightly turning down counter-clockwise as I continued the "toe-off" motion. It was at this point that I thought that the blisters might be caused by my toe constantly rubbing while turning downward. Maybe stabilizing my big toe would solve the problem, I thought; and maybe using Correct Toes would do it.

Since I tried just about everything else imaginable to solve this problem, I figured I had nothing to lose with a 30-day money back guarantee. So, I ordered Correct Toes and bought a pair of Altra running shoes with Injinji toe socks. When I put on the Correct Toes, I performed my "toe-off" test. To my astonishment, my toe was now straight and not turning downward. To make a long story short, I have been wearing Correct Toes for about two months and I can say unequivocally, they solved this very long-term problem of forming blisters on the side of my big toe. No blisters on my big toe even after running in hot, humid weather! WOW! Now I can increase my mileage and not worry about my big toe forming the very painful blisters which prevented me from increasing my mileage. Correct Toes solved a problem that several different podiatrists and even expensive ($500) custom-made orthotics, could not.

Last but not least, I want to commend the people at Correct Toes on the high quality of their product and their terrific customer support! They have been very responsive with effective solutions to my inquiries regarding Correct Toes.
-- Eve, NJ

I'm a huge fan of Correct Toes, I use them in training and everyday life.
-- Tim Nelson (27:28 10k and Team USA member World Championships T&F 2009)

Correct Toes are a great product and I like wearing them because they make my stride more efficient and powerful.
-- Matt Tegenkamp (8:07 2 mile, US record holder)

Correct Toes were an important part of my rehab program coming back from foot surgery and I continue to use them in training.
-- Evan Jager (13:22 5k and Team USA member World Championships T&F 2009)

My use of Correct Toes has greatly reduced the achiness and pain I get in my feet from running 100+ miles a week.
-- Brent Vaughn (US Cross Country Champion, 2011)

I really like wearing Correct Toes after a long training day because they make my feet feel stronger.
-- Chris Solinsky (26:59 10k, 12:55 5k)

I think Correct Toes are an amazing product. I strongly suggest all my athletes wear them during functional training and throughout the day.
-- Pascal Dobert

I enjoy wearing Correct Toes not only because I know they make my foot stronger but they're comfortable as well.
-- Simon Bairu (2 x NCAA Cross Country Champ, 27:22 10k and Canadian Record Holder)

I feel more balanced when I put Correct Toes on, and my feet feel stronger.
-- Lisa Uhl (31:18 10k)

Patients state that they feel the benefits of the product immediately. I find that patients with forefoot pathology…hammertoes, neuromas, and metatarsalgia…benefit the most. I do see the benefit of a stronger more efficient foot that is obtained through the use of Correct Toes. Patients with a more “natural” foot strike are less likely to develop overuse injuries such as plantar fasciitis, medial tibial stress syndrome and Achilles tendonitis. [Click here for the full interview].
-- Dr. Robert Conenello, Orangeburg, NY

Pedorthist of 15yrs here. Was skeptical about Correct Toes but tried them to see how they would work. Have been using them for a 14mo along with [minimalist footwear], and to my surprise the combination did help with my shin splints, metatarsalgia and 3rd-4th nueroma. Totally opposite of what I was taught about shoes. Am now a advocate of no heel rise and no toe spring shoes myself but it is a tough sell to the general public. Enjoy your videos, keep the great work!
-- Keith Taylor, C Ped, Albany, CA

Dear Dr. Ray McClanahan, I have never met you but I want to thank you. I'm a post-collegiate distance runner who wishes to continue his career as a competitive distance runner. I enjoy running anything from the mile to the half marathon [...]. I was constantly broken down in college and running in what many would consider "pronation control" shoes because I was under the impression that I needed support. The past year and a half I've made a very good transition into more minimal based shoes, but recently have been running into forefoot/toe pain. Then I discovered your website. I now own a pair of Correct Toes, metatarsal pads, and [minimalist footwear]. I've been walking in them and running a little bit. The pain is gradually going away and my feet are feeling healthier and stronger. [...] I think it's safe to say that your ideas on footwear and foot health are very progressive and forward thinking. You must continue doing what you're doing and get the good word out. Good ideas will always be the best defense against bad ones. And your ideas are clearly good - very good.
-- D.S., Clark, NJ

Last Saturday, [...], I took part and completed the Ironman Texas Triathlon. I wore the Correct Toes while on the bike and on the run. It's the first time competing in an Ironman where I have had very little discomfort from my feet during the race. Thank you for [...] Correct Toes, they are a fantastic product.
-- C.H., UK

Since changing my shoes [...] and wearing the Correct Toes I have had no foot pain! I've been running more [...], too. Thank you so much! After watching my grandma and aunt develop bunions and foot pain I thought it was inevitable, and it's been pretty incredible to not feel pain. I just talked my parents into getting their own Correct Toes.
-- A.P., Portland, OR

Thank you Correct Toes for changing my game! Since I have been wearing your
product, my foot problems have improved dramatically. Especially the inflamed
navicular joint; the swelling has virtually disappeared. I have skied for 58 years
competing in moguls in the 70's and now am a Master's Alpine Racer. Have
worn orthotics in all my ski boots and general footwear since 1972 and since
sporting the Correct Toes and switching to a neutral heel shoe, my stance,
knee, back, etc all feel better aligned. In fact, just as Bode Miller does, I plan
on eliminating my ski boot orthotics altogether by using the Correct Toes daily
along with toe socks and engaging in long term PT to strengthen my feet. I'm
not an authority, but I feel that the orthotics were just a Band-Aid, not allowing
my pronation, etc to be improved through proper exercise.
-- P.Q., Hood River, OR

My first run in the Correct Toes was one of the many AHA moments I’ve had in a life of running. The proper function and space was now allowed in all the toes and
they maintained the position in the soft gel rubber for the entire run.
[Click here for the full testimonial].
-- Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, Shepherdstown, WV

I must say that [Correct Toes] are the single best monetary investment I’ve ever made in terms of improving performance. Dr. [Mark Cucuzzella] hit the nail on the head when he pointed to the big toe and the importance of the flexor hallucis muscle in controlling balance, coordination and stability. By spreading the toes back to “normal”, they increase blood flow, enhance sensory input and allow foot muscles to function properly. In addition to daily foot exercise and soft tissue work, I feel stronger and more centered (to coin a phrase from Chi Running) during all forms of exercise, including squatting, lunging and plyometrics.  
-- G.O., Fort George Meade, MD

I used [Correct Toes] almost constantly for 1 year. I slept with them, showered with them, everything. I only took them off when I wore flip flops maybe for a few hours on the weekends. My toes look straighter than they used to and my feet appear to have more of an arch although a very low one. I think this may be due to the spreading of the toes. ... My knee pain is no longer there when I run. I didn’t do anything differently, other than the Correct Toes, no special exercises, no stretching, no therapy. I haven’t been running very long, so I will see if my knee stays pain free with continued use, but so far so good.
-- M.R., Houston, TX

I started wearing Correct Toes 6 months ago to see if they might help my arthritic stiff big toe joint. I was a competitive runner for years and in my mid 30s developed a problem in left big toe. Please note I had seen the region's best doctors and podiatrists to no avail. I have several thousand dollars worth of orthotics laying around the house that were designed to cure me. I actually found out about Correct Toes when one of the people working for Newton simply showed me a pair. It's funny, I immediately made the connection as if my toe was talking to me saying "Straighten me out".... I then went to the website and was impressed that [Dr. McClanahan] was a runner... It took me several weeks to get used to [Correct Toes] but I found that the leg with the affected toe began to regain strength and the toe works better. It's that simple.
-- M.L., Washington, DC

I went ahead and did my entire 12.5 mile training run on Saturday in the new shoes (with the metatarsal pads, Correct Toes and Ininji socks) with no ill effects. In fact, I found that my recovery from this long run actually was much faster than usual (i.e. I could walk downstairs without my calves dying two days later!) AND on Tuesday, on one of my short 3 mile runs, I ran an 8:48 min. mile, the first time I've ever been able to run under 9 minutes in my life! (I've pretty much stayed at about 10:30 now for years.) Every time I check my splits, I'm amazed at how much faster I am running without even trying.
-- S.B., Troutdale, OR

I find the approach you all take to be so much more refreshing than the approach the VAST majority of podiatrists and people in the medical profession take (and I'm in the medical profession!). Thanks so much.
-- J.G., Danville, PA 

I just ordered your Correct Toes for my husband. From the first wearing, he noticed the difference in his posture and walking. He is not overweight but looks like he has a pot belly due to posture. When he wears Correct Toes, he walks correctly and hence, the 'pot belly' is gone. Thank you for your product!!
-- P.M.N., Westby, WI

I have been almost completely healthy since making the changes you recommended about avoiding orthotics, heels, tapered toe boxes, and toe spring. I remember all of that literature you gave me, all of those talks about the loading of the metatarsals, shortening of the calf muscles, adjustment in the low back, all the way up to the cervical spine, even from a small heel lift. Most people [wear footwear with heel elevation] every single day. The scary part of it is that they don't notice any of it.... well they do. They are in pain and have dysfunction. They just don't attribute it to their shoes. They are in tortured postions all the time and have no idea at all because they have adapted to those positions. You are a genius and I can't thank you enough for all that you have taught me!
-- S.L., Portland, OR

I am a patient of Dr. Ray McClanahan and have been seeing him for 3 years. I
have had discomfort in my feet for almost 6 years. Prior to seeing Ray, I went to Good Feet but did not get much relief. I have followed Ray’s advice and have been wearing Crocs with metatarsal supports and toe spacers. This brought me some relief immediately. After a year or so I was noticing that I could even go barefoot for short periods of time. I still have tightness under the balls of my feet, which I mostly notice at night when I am not wearing the spacers and supports. I am much happier with the state of my feet and feel I have found a solution that I can live with. This has greatly reduced a source of concern in my life. I am a strong advocate of Dr. McClanahan’s strategies for foot comfort and recommend him to anyone experiencing pain and difficulty with their feet.

-- L.E., Corvallis, OR

Honestly, having worked with you, I am MUCH more cognizant of my feet and how important it is to find natural alignment and good footwear. You'll be happy to know that I've been pretty diligent about stretching my feet and toes to get them stronger and more flexible, and I can tell what a difference that has made. I hope Correct Toes continues to grow in its success!
-- L.M., White Salmon, WA.

I love my toe-spreaders. I had worn Crocs for at least a year, and I never really understood why people thought they were so great. It wasn't until I wore my toe-spreaders inside the Crocs that I finally got it. When my feet have full space to spread out and breathe, everything feels better. I feel so much more grounded, calm, and centered. I am actually connected from head
to toe, and I am able to receive the earth's energy.

I have a whole closet full of shoes that are narrow at the top. Because they don't work that well with my toe-spreaders, I'm thinking about selling or giving away most of them. I want to overhaul my entire shoe collection, owning only shoes that are wide enough to work with my toe-spreaders.

We as Americans so often get stuck in our heads, always thinking, thinking, thinking. It can be difficult to stay connected to the ground and the earth, when we have so much to mentally process every minute of the day. For me, I look forward to getting home, taking off my shoes and walking around barefoot, with my toe spreaders. Having wide, spread-out feet feels like a relief. It's like a good exhale.

-- S.R.

The Croc/toe spacer combo has helped me tremendously. I ran a 9.5 mile run the other day, the longest I've been able to run in the past 3 years. This surprisingly felt better than when I would finish a 5 mile run in May. In addition, my achilles pain is completely gone. I initially had some minor shin splint issues but those have subsided as well. I am amazed at the results I have been getting as I expected them to take a lot longer.
-- K.F

It has been about a year and 1/2 since I had an appointment with Dr. McClanahan due to shin splints and ankle pain so severe I could barely walk and definitely could not run. I was only running about 15 miles per week and thought I was done running for sure. After converting to toe spacers and racing flats, I gradually upped my mileage to between 30-40 and just finished the marathon last weekend. Thanks for the help, I'll never go back to stiff shoes.
-- J.G.






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