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I just wanted to let Dr. McClanahan and the Northwest Foot and Ankle team know my appreciation for helping me get through the Portland Marathon with minimal foot pain. I did the marathon as a walker in 5:40, 10 minutes faster than the Avenue of the Giants in May. Thanks to changing my footwear, ..., wearing minimalist orthotics with met pads, and Correct Toes 90% of the time on my left foot, and hours of [physical therapy] with Sanatan Golden and Chris Cooper in Bend, what an improvement! I was scared that going minimal was not going to provide the support I thought I needed, but I had done all my training on trails in [recommended footwear] .... I will never go back to the old shoes I used to wear and am forever grateful for the care I have and will continue with at your clinic...well worth the drive from Bend!

—Susan L., Bend, OR


To all those with sore feet: Rest assured, you are in good hands! 

I arrived in Dr. McClanahan’s office after four doctors and two years of plantar fasciitis. I had tried stretching, orthotics, heel cups, a night splint, anti-inflammatories, cortisone shots, reflexology, acupuncture, rolling on frozen water bottles, and even a cast for a month. I hadn’t walked barefoot in over a year, not even to visit temples in India. And the half-block walk to Dr. McClanahan’s office was about all I could manage.

Dr. McClanahan’s approach was radically different from any of the other doctors I had seen. He gave me a list of things I should do instead of things I shouldn’t—and I was terrified to try them, as I had spent two years avoiding those very activities. But his theory made sense, and his approach empowered me at a time when I was mired in frustration and helplessness.

One month later I was walking miles daily, six months later I was doing week-long backpacking trips, and a year later I left for a nine-month cycling trip around Asia.
[Pictured, above.] My foot is 99%. And for the 1% of the time it bothers me, I feel educated and empowered to handle it on my own. In addition to my endless gratitude for helping me to heal, I appreciate Dr. McClanahan’s boldness in trusting the body over medical theory, and his concern for the true, overall well-being of his patients.

Thank you, Dr. Ray!  You are truly one of my heroes.



I was a patient a while back with a weird foot pain. Now things are going really well. I'd like to thank you for your help - your system of getting the shoe out of my way is, I think, the main reason I'm doing so well. I'm running 35 miles per week and having no problems. My speed is picking up too. I'm now running just over 7-minute pace for 5+ miles. I am looking forward to getting into real race shape by the end of this year.



Thank you! I came to see Dr. McClanahan about my feet this spring. I am over 50, overweight, and sedentary, and had been wanting to get some exercise, but was having a great deal of pain in my feet, preventing me from walking more than a few blocks. (I vividly remember limping into the office on my first visit).

The treatment largely called for better shoes, a metatarsal arch, and toe seperators. 

As a result of this advice I was able to get out and start walking again. For two months without a car, I needed to walk to the grocery on a regular basis and had no trouble. I soon found that I was walking all over the city in my spare time, just for the fun of it. I wanted to continue these new habits, but felt I needed some kind of goal to help me. I decided to walk the Portand Marathon! I did not have enough time to prepare properly, but I made it 18.5 miles.  Next year I know I will nail it! But most of all, I found great enjoyment just in daily walking the last 3 months. (I now walk between 1-2 hours nearly every day).

To say that this has been a great change for the better in my life doesn't even begin to cover it!  I feel in a way as if I have a whole new body and a new life!