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Mt Hood view from our officeNorthwest Foot & Ankle clinic (NWFA) is a progressive sports podiatry clinic located in NW Portland, OR. Our clinic was created by Dr. Ray McClanahan—a sports podiatrist, avid runner, and the inventor of Correct Toes—who is known (locally, nationally, and internationally) for his compassionate, caring, and natural approach to foot and ankle problems. Dr. McClanahan’s history as an elite runner helps drive the focus of our sports medicine clinic. We treat active individuals seeking relief from long-term foot and ankle problems or athletes looking to preserve foot health and function.

Individuals who tend to benefit most from our care include runners, walkers, and hikers. Our approach is to rehabilitate the foot and restore normal foot and toe anatomy, and this is a process that occurs quickest in active individuals, assuming all aspects of our treatment plan are adhered to. Helping runners and other active individuals achieve their health and athletic goals is one of the most rewarding experiences for us as a sports podiatry clinic. We strive to provide world-class foot care to athletes of all kinds, and we are humbled by our patients’ kindness and gratitude for helping them achieve lasting foot and toe health.

So, what you can expect from a visit to our clinic? A typical visit with our knowledgeable and dedicated team will involve a full health history and examination, footwear education, functional exercise prescription, and hands-on healing techniques (e.g., focused soft tissue work, joint manipulation, etc.). A visit to our clinic would not be complete without relevant take-home literature that reinforces the natural foot health principles our doctors will share with you during your visit. We also offer important foot health tools, including Correct Toes, that will help restore the inherent integrity and strength of your feet and toes. Our approach to foot health is both preventative and conservative (i.e., noninvasive).

Our sports podiatry clinic is founded on the following four principles: communication, innovation, respect, and integrity. Our foot health philosophy is in tune with nature, and we work closely with each patient to address his or her unique foot care needs. We listen to your foot health concerns and offer proven, noninvasive treatments that help restore your foot health naturally.

Our office is located in the Montgomery Park Building in Portland, Oregon.
Our address is:

2701 NW Vaughn Street
Suite 424
Portland, OR 97210

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Hours: Northwest Foot and Ankle is open Monday through Friday
from 9 am until 4 pm.

Phone: Contact us at (503) 243-2699 to set up an appointment.

Health Insurance: We are out-of-network for all insurance companies. To find out about your out-of-network coverage, call the customer service number on your insurance card. We do not bill or directly communicate with insurance companies; however, depending on which insurance company you have, we will provide you with all information needed to file a claim with your insurance provider.


 View from our office

Mt. St. Helens view from our office